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our story

intersecting cold weather & high fashion

névé was the brain-child of kim's love of snow-sports and fitness with hannah's passion for cutting-edge design. these decade-long friends came together to create some of the most innovative snow apparel on the market.

"the story is simple. i love snow-sports so much that i bought a cabin in big bear to be 5 minutes away from a lift. i've also been a competitive bodybuilder & fitness enthusiast for the greater part of my life. i noticed that i was getting frustrated with the choices of baggy, thick or just generally uncomfortable and unstylish ski apparel on the market. i began wearing base-layers with gym leggings and other fitness gear on the mountain, mixing and matching warm underlayers with waterproof outer leggings while looking super cute and feeling unrestrictive. i was also over winter road cycling with 3 pairs of pants!


it just so happened my best friend has been an (extremely talented) fashion designer for her entire career (ironically, hannah had never been to a ski resort...ever) & i had to convince her for about a year to help me. i was to the point of stapling..taping...gluing the pants together to call them a prototype until she came on board. it's been history ever since!" --kim

our team


kim k.

founder, ceo

seasoned tech executive, serial entrepreneur, veteran snowboarder, mountain-dweller

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hannah b.

co-founder, head designer

trend-forward designer, creative lead, fitness fanatic, prophetic poet, tiny dancer


bridget t.

head of operations



mandy c.

head of sales


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