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virtual personal shopping is here

we know that these pants are ground-breaking & a super-new concept. with this, we understand that sizing and thickness (light, medium or ultra) might be a challenge.

let us help you by scheduling a call with one of our educators

schedule a complimentary video chat with one of our team members by filling out the form below. we of course offer a 100% money-back guarantee and will of course exchange them for a different size/thickness, but we'd like to get it right the first time.

About You

You give us your contact details and what you're looking for+need help with. Sizing? Thickness? Activity type? Got you


Also, if you're looking to shop for someone else (wife, husband, child, you name it) we can help with that as well. Happy to help.

Size & Fit Help

We have worn these pants inside & out (not literally) & are here to make sure you get the right size & pant-weight.

Product Rec's

Neve wants to make sure that you're set for your sport & your season. If we don't think we are a good fit, we will tell you!

step 1: personal info


step 2: schedule your virtual chat

09:00 AM
Main legging activities:

check your email for confirmation!

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