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Keep Moving: a reaction to Covid-19

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

Daily routines, trips planned and vacation time turning into a full on lockdown has left us all in an unknowing state of limbo. So what's left to do during Covid-19, when you are running out of tasks to check off the list and want to switch up the netflix and chill daily grind?

Keep your body moving - whether you’re in your backyard or socially distanced in the deep outdoors. I am NOT telling you to hike up the mountains easily accessed or well known, since Colorado has already banned ski resort mountain access, deeming the movement “locals only”.

I’m saying actually distance yourself in nature: grab your outdoor apparel, wax up your board or skis and hike up a secluded mountain.

womens snow leggings
our founder, Kim, hiking up to get some backcountry untouched lines, snow and views

Earn Your Turns

Nevé Apparel’s founder, @kimkla, is a workout junky. I praise her daily motivations and efforts to stay active. So, how’s she staying active during the Covid-19 era of the new decade?

She grabs her nevé ski apparel every morning and gets to moving! The outdoors is still our playground if we can maintain a safe distance from the crowds.

“With Covid-19 [ski] resorts and gyms are closed,” Kim says, “I still need to get outside!” Hiking, biking, running, snowshoeing, skiing, snowboarding, you name it, she’s already awake doing it. Pre-Covid, Kim would ski and snowboard four times a week for at least an hour to get in some outdoor, fresh air cardio.

How to Prepare

Since the lifts have stopped running at ski resorts across America, “I strap my snowboard to my backpack,” Kim says. “I put on sneakers, gaiters and snowshoes, headphones, Nevé ski pants, and I’m off.” Off to hike up a mountain that summits at 8,743 feet. The base of the mountain stands at 7,410 feet elevation. Just for reference.

“It usually takes two hours to hike up and, unfortunately, minutes to snowboard down.” Sometimes she even brings her two dogs, more on that in a future rambling. Earning your turns and earning that place back on your couch with a glass of wine in hand has new meaning in this time and place.

So, how do you keep moving during Covid-19?

Tell us in the comments below or talk to us on instagram @neveapparel.

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