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The Women who dominate Terrain Parks & building Self Esteem

Updated: Aug 16, 2020

Look good, feel good. A common expression amongst females, but isn’t some of it pretty true? When you get a new sports bra, a new pair of lulu’s or brand new snowboard, do you just itch to hit the gym or the slopes? Well if we’re dressing the part, let’s act the part.

The women who ride terrain parks know that no falls means no cojones. Pretty true, especially as the song we all know goes..., “I get knocked down and I get up again.”

Boosting self esteem and confidence starts with setting attainable goals and finding a feeling of pure bliss. Like that catching that butterfly feeling that comes about when your board or skis first leaves the ground.

As you push yourself to learn new tricks, in turn you boost your attitude and confidence on the slopes, in the terrain park and in all walks of life.

When you want to hit rails and stick landings on the slopes, practice makes perfect and the comfortability, flexibility and dependability of your snow apparel is key.

Have you ever tried to do jumping jacks in a pair of skinny jeans? Probably doable, but not the most comfortable or logical set up.

snow pant leggings
the first time i nailed a staple snowboard trick, the butter

What can névé bring to park?

Nevé Apparel’s water resistant ski pants give you all the space doable, but not the most comfortable or logical set up. Nevé Apparel’s water resistant ski pants give you all the space and stretch you need to move and groove your way through the terrain park.

While looking good on the slopes can lead to epic instagram content, landing tricks and reaching personal goals builds character in all women, young or old, rich or poor. Commitment, time and investment create a progressive rider.

our founder, Kim, in Blackcomb BC long before névé snow leggings were invented
Kim shredding in Whistler, BC

How I Fell into Park Riding:

I’m from Florida and first strapped into a snowboard winter 2015/16. A little late to the game, each season I progressed, adapted and needed to go back for more. I rode through the terrain park for two whole winters before hitting any rollers, watching modestly from the sidelines girls I admire crushing the shred the park scene. After moving from Colorado to Southern California two years ago I soon learned the terrain parks dominate the West Coast, and so do snowboarders.

Local Spotlight

@Brooooklyn grew up in Wrightwood, California and started her snowboard career at Mountain High Ski Resort while she was in elementary school. Aside from her bomb ski apparel, she bombs the terrain park. “I’ve learned to master my switch game, tail press, nose press, board slide, skate style on tubes and indie grabs on jumps,” Brooklyn says.

“I love the growing community of women snowboarders. It never feels competitive. We constantly push each other in the most positive ways... because we all share the most incredible passion - that’s snowboarding.”

In Conclusion

The mountain communities grow confident women. When you love a sport, you find new ways to push yourself, love yourself and develop a more positive outlook on life through the forward moving momentum of outdoor sports. Don’t give up on your goals or determination to better your skill set. Even if the resort closed early this winter, you now have a reason to make up for lost time winter 2020/21!

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